While SAINT Corporation has many successful partnerships with established MSPs and MSSP’s, the company also works with new MSPs that want to leverage the power of its industry-leading solutions to expand their service offerings and provide industry-leading IT security to their customers, while generating new revenue without significantly increasing costs.

Lazarus Alliance, Inc. (www.lazarusalliance.com) is an Arizona-based proactive cyber security service firm that specializes in security audits and compliance, risk management, and policy and governance. Lazarus Alliance, which serves an array of healthcare, financial, and government clients, recently partnered with SAINT on managed security services.

Lazarus Alliance CEO, Michael Peters, said that when considering security providers, he kept coming back to SAINT Corporation, because we “met or exceeded so many requirements” for his company. 

Protecting our clients’ data and information is what matters most, and SAINT’s tools allow us to centralize that information, while also providing continuous and reliable IT security.” Peters said.

Lazarus Alliance hosts SAINT Corporation’s managed security platform in its own cloud environment, so it can easily and remotely scan its customer networks and provide customized, real-time security reports anywhere, at any time. Lazarus Alliance supports international clientele, so SAINT Corporation’s remote scanning tool has proven to be extremely effective for Lazarus Alliance, limiting hardware and travel costs.

Also, Peters pointed to the independence and objectivity his company maintains by relying on SAINT’s ASV accreditation. As a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), Lazarus Alliance leans on the findings from SAINT Corporation’s tools to make remediation recommendations to its customers. “Having a partner that is also an ASV provides an additional opportunity to add value to our customers, and potential revenue potential for Lazarus. ” Peters places a priority on that level of independence and avoiding possible conflicts of interest with his customers.

As a proactive cyber-security firm, we have to do everything we can to centralize and secure our customers’ information.” Peters said. “SAINT has helped us serve our customers with top-notch security services, while boosting our productivity and efficiency.”

Lazarus Alliance is just one example of the many MSPs using SAINT’s security platform to meet its customers’ needs and leverage its existing client base to generate additional revenue. They’ve made the jump from MSP to MSSP, powered by SAINT. You can do the same for your customers and your business today, with SAINT’s security platform, easily scale-able for any MSP.

Contact SAINT today for more information how you too, can leverage the SAINT solution to move from MSP to MSSP!


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