The 2022 North American Community Meeting

A meeting and showcase with the PCI Security Standards Council in Toronto, ON, Canada

Join us on October 20th, 3 PM EST for our Presentation: “Managing Business Risks Using Vulnerability Scanning”

Meet with the president of CARSON & SAINT, Diane Reilly, and professor of cybersecurity,  Dr. Frederick Scholl, about the importance of integrating your IT, Security, and Business Teams as a cohesive entity to best mitigate risk. They also discuss how to analyze, diagnose, and economize an organization’s vulnerability management process, then apply that change management knowledge to business risk. The hosts will field light questions during the presentation.

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– Your Hosts –

The President of CARSON & SAINT, Diane Reilly, shares her veteran expertise in providing IT services to government and commercial clients with streamlined cybersecurity and risk program management solutions.

Diane’s broad business experience extends beyond Information Sciences to include a holistic view of

Professor and director of the Cybersecurity program at Quinnipiac University, Dr. Frederick Scholl, is a senior global academician, executive and risk manager with industry experience in education, IT services, IT manufacturing, and automobile manufacturing.

Industry expertise includes enterprise IS management systems, security strategy and program development, security policy development and integration, IS security best practices, security and control frameworks, risk management, IS talent recruitment, and mentoring.

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