This month, Microsoft released security updates for 96 vulnerabilities and risk exposures, including six vulnerabilities identified as “Zero Days”. Guidance for the most Critical updates is highlighted below:


Affected Products


Windows Security Center API Remote Code Execution

Windows 10, 11 and Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022


Windows User Profile Service Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

All Windows versions


Windows Certificate Spoofing Vulnerability

All Windows versions


SAINT released updates for these issues on January 12, 2022. Please ensure your SAINT product is updated to version 9.10.21 or higher and scan your environment to ensure all updates have been applied, to mitigate against threats that target these vulnerabilities.  Additional information about these vulnerabilities, as well as the impacts and resolution details can be found in the Tutorials released in this update.

If you need assistance updating SAINT to the current version or help on other SAINT topics, contact support at If you need assistance getting SAINT for your organization, please contact sales at

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