One-Time Penetration Test 2021

A one-time Penetration Test that includes Shadow Risk Profiling for a year. A high value, limited time offer ~ Powered by RiskProfiler, Carson & Saint & Ethicalhat:

$5,999         (Up to 100 IPs)       $25,000 *Original M.R.P

*Includes 1 year AI Powered Enterprise Risk Profiler Subscription.

Smart Asset Discovery | AI Powered Engine Surface Web | Deep Web | Dark Web | Mobile IOT | Network Phishing Pages | Threat Intel Certificates | Trackers | Remote URLs


Vulnerability and Configuration Experts | Industry Leading SAINT Vulnerability Scan | Deep Device, Network and Web Vulnerability & Configuration Interrogation | Standards Based Assessment Experts | Pentest Attestation and Remediation


Security Experts | Business Logic Testing Vulnerability Validation | Exploitation Prioritized Approach | Reporting


Offer valid upto 31st May 2021 | *T&C Applied

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