SAINT Scanner Edition



SAINT Scanner Edition is designed for businesses that need the power of comprehensive vulnerability scanning without the cost or complexity of advanced features that do no meet the business objectives.


  • Includes: Vulnerability scanning, analysis, and reporting
  • Single Integrated Scanning Engine (local node)
  • Multi-user access
  • Includes 1000 Unique Targets
  • Add up to 1000 additional targets

Enter total number of additional targets below (up to 1000).

For more than 2000 Unique Targets get a quote
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SAINT Scanner Edition includes all scan policies and report capabilities of SAINT Security Suite, specifically directed at comprehensive vulnerability scanning, analysis, prioritization, REST API and reporting. This license is available as a pre-configured Virtual Machine (VM), with an easy-to-use single user license and includes 1000 Unique Targets (IT assets/hosts) in the base subscription. Contact your local SAINT Sales rep for information and a quote.


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