SAINT Standard Edition



SAINT Standard Edition provides a core set of capabilities to assess your network assets for the latest vulnerabilities across a wide variety of operating systems, software applications, databases, network devices and configurations.


  • Includes: Vulnerability Management, web application scanning, configuration benchmark assessments, advanced analytics, asset management, passive asset discovery
  • Excludes: Penetration Testing, Ticketing, and Social Engineering
  • 3 Scanning Nodes
  • 64 Unique Targets
  • Add up to 192 additional targets

Enter total number of additional targets below (up to 192).

For more than 256 Unique Targets get a quote
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SAINT Standard Edition includes comprehensive vulnerability management capabilities, to include, but not limited to vulnerability scanning, web application scanning, configuration benchmark assessments, customizable dashboards, asset management, user management. Scan execution is supported via Agentless scans, Agents if needed. The base subscription includes 3 scanning Nodes, and 64 Unique Targets (IT assets/hosts). Additional targets can be added for an additional fee. Contact your local SAINT Sales rep for information and a quote.


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