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Whether your team is made up of seasoned professionals or team members that are just beginning their careers, it is vitally important to have a comprehensive body of knowledge of the principles of vulnerability management and the tools used within the program.

We have developed 3 levels of instructor-lead, web-based training to meet the needs of your team. Each option is designed to provide a body of knowledge based on the student’s requirements and can be tailored to meet to specific program requirements. The SAINT Jumpstart training program is a web-based, instructor-lead product training course designed for administrators and end users of the SAINT portfolio of products.

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Jumpstart provides training blocks of two and four hours at a standard rate for up to three students per course and includes a combination of standard course topics and customized training topics based on the specific needs of the students.  Due to the short duration of Jumpstart blocks, it is not feasible to provide comprehensive training of every feature, workflow, and capability of SAINT products. That level of training is available in the eight-hour SAINT Certification course.

The intent of Jumpstart, as implied, is to provide a cost-effective training option, that “jumpstarts” the user’s product knowledge to facilitate faster and more effective use of the product. The following overview describes the standard curriculum of each block. However,  the curriculum is customizable to gain the most benefit of the selected course.

2 reviews for Jumpstart Training – 2 Hrs

  1. Development

    I recently completed a training program and I was extremely impressed with the level of instruction and support provided. The course covered a wide range of topics.

    Overall, I highly recommend this training program to anyone looking to improve their technical skills and advance team’s capabilities. It was comprehensive and very engaging and I came out of it with more confidence in my abilities and a lot more understanding of our systems and cyber security needs.

  2. Development

    Very Good!

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