The v.8.13 release date for feature enhancements to both SAINT Security Suite and SAINTCloud is September 23rd. Of particular note:

  • Enhanced web crawling of dynamically generated web pages.
  • Pre-defined Views can be saved for data analysis and reporting.
  • Report enhancements to include filtering content by Asset Tag.

Read below for the details on these and other new capabilities in this new release.

  • Enhanced web crawling capabilities – Traditionally, web sites have served static HTML content, which could be easily parsed by scanners to find links to other resources. However, modern web applications now use techniques such as browser execution of embedded scripts to serve pages, create page elements, send data to and from the server, or handle mouse clicks and other user actions. In this release, we have added additional Scanning Configuration options to enhance existing crawling techniques, to include configuration settings for crawling dynamic content, simulating mouse click events, and controlling timeout duration for dynamic content crawling. Check out the details for these settings in the User Guide, under the Configuration section (Scanning Options, Probe tab).
  • Saved Views – You can now save your data settings as stored “Views” to use later. Choose the Jobs, individual scans, exclusion settings, asset and severity filters, dashboard panels, and grid settings to view scan results, and then Save the settings as a View to re-use as you need for future analysis and reporting.
  • Additional Ticket Views – We’ve added new tabs in Ticketing to provide quick access to Open Tickets, Past Due Tickets and Tickets due for a pre-defined period of time. These tabs are now available in both “All Tickets” and “My Open Tickets” pages.
  • Performance enhancements in Dashboards and Analyze grids – For those users that scan larger environments or use the Dashboard features for large data aggregation and charting, you should see some noted improvements in performance.
  • Separate export columns for Vulnerability and Exploit codes –The CSV export format in the Analyze tab now provides separate columns for CVE, BID, OSVDB, IAVA codes, Exploit mapping and Vendor codes, in addition to the pre-existing source hyperlinks to the authoritative sources for these values. The “Vulnerabilities by CVSS” grid is the most granular providing distinct values per row, at the CVE level of detail.
  •  Manual export in Splunk format – In addition to automatically transmitting scan data to your Splunk installation, users can now choose to export a json-formatted Splunk export file from the grids in the Analyze tab for manual interaction with Splunk
  • Report enhancements to include Asset Tag filtering – In this release, users can now filter report content by selected Asset Tags. Report content can also be formatted to include bar charts, pie charts and/or tables for charting results by Asset Tags, as well as including the Asset Tags associated with the scanned hosts in the Section 3.1 Host List.
  • Report Wizard’s Advanced Options are now Tabular – There are over 150 advanced options available to users to customize the format, layout and content of SAINT reports. Navigating these options can be a challenge. In this release, we have redesigned the dialog when selecting the Advanced Options in Step 5 of the Report wizard, to present these options in categorized tabs (e.g., Header, Lists, Sorting, XML) versus the single list view.

Known Issue with Updating Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04

We’ve had a number of customers in recent weeks identify problems after attempting to upgrade their Ubuntu 14.04 installations to Ubuntu 16.04. These issues affect customers that run our pre-configured VMs and those that maintain their own Ubuntu environment. We’ve done some internal testing and have seen several issues related version and configuration changes to mySQL, PHP, and other dependencies in the latest OS from Ubuntu. Most issues impacting SAINT Security Suite appear to be related to changing these software products during the 14.04 – 16.04 upgrade process.Customers are advised NOT to upgrade existing Ubuntu 14.04 installation to 16.04 due to these issues. If you wish to run SAINT Security Suite on Ubuntu 16.04, you are advised to create a fresh installation or download our latest VM that is already configured for Ubuntu 16.04. We will continue to investigate these issues and communicate any solutions we find in the coming weeks.

Update on Status of QRadar SIEM Integration with SAINT Security Suite

Latest word from IBM indicates they are in final QA testing to resolve the integration issues with SAINT Security Suite. Look for an official release date from IBM and SAINT in the coming weeks.

Latest Vulnerability Checks and Exploits

Your SAINTexpress® software automatically keeps you up-to-date with the latest vulnerability checks and exploits. Log in to mySAINT to view the complete list of the newest vulnerability checks and exploits.


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