The most powerful set of integrated vulnerability management capabilities to date are now available starting TODAY as SAINT rolls out Version 9.0 of SAINT Security Suite and SAINTCloud. More power should not constitute more end-user complexity as we’ve delivered a new, intuitive user experience (UX) in Version 9 that will put more power in the hands of the end-user.

The new UX delivers easier navigation to run reports, scans and pull data insights in one click, and provides more dashboard customization to add, size, and position panels based on user preference. Today’s security teams require real-time data insights to understand a vulnerability’s business impact, but that’s not possible when it takes multiple steps to retrieve what they need. Additional data filters, customizable dashboards and data views, and a re-designed job creation wizard eliminate those cumbersome steps to allow users to get the most out of the suite’s capabilities.

Version 9 packs a powerful punch with a simpler way to operate:

  • Usability: Take advantage of the global “Create” option to create Jobs, Reports, Users, etc. from anywhere in the software. Redesigned navigation and workflows to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced Default Dashboard Panels: New panels and panel control to focus on your most critical metrics with the ability to view under one pane of glass:
    • Top vulnerabilities
    • Vulnerability counts by severity levels
    • Detailed results for most critical vulnerabilities
    • Detailed results for trends across time to identify new and introduced vulnerabilities
  • Enriched Web Application Scanning: Specify web authentication credentials as a URL from a login form with POST data for web applications that use single-step authentication.
  • Detailed PCI ASV Program Guide Support: More technical insights available to reflect new requirements for scanning and report changes to Attestation, Executive and Detail report formats.

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