We pride ourselves on delivering innovative vulnerability management security solutions at affordable prices. When others recognize us for this, we beam with pride. SC Magazine’s prestigious annual vulnerability management tool group testing effort recently concluded and gave SAINT’s Security Suite a perfect five-star rating. Recognized for having a “solid solution at a great price point,” the SAINT Security Suite also received the media outlet’s ‘Recommended Product’ for the month of June. Our solution was the only one among the competitors reviewed to receive a perfect score across all categories.

The SC Magazine lab reviews team judged tools on six core criteria on a 5-star rating system: features; performance, support, documentation, value for money; and ease-of-use.

Our features, performance and level of support are what make SAINT’s Security Suite a valuable addition to companies’ security toolsets. SC Magazine recognized this, noting that numerous companies they’ve come in contact with have chosen to integrate numerous components from the Suite into their own products. That is the ultimate validation.

What else did SC Magazine highlight in its review and testing?

  • SAINT is known for its sophistication as it combines vulnerability testing and penetration testing and SAINT’s proprietary exploit engine supports automated and manual penetration testing via pre-defined policies, vulnerability-specific exploits, or exploit tools to investigate specific areas of risk.
  • SAINT is still a Unix/Linux tool, and because of this there is very low resource consumption. Most other vulnerability management products we have come across run on a Windows operating system, and usually are extremely resource intensive.
  • We had no complaints setting SAINT up as it was a smooth process with no difficulties. SAINT offers robust customizability when setting up a scan which we used to set up a full vulnerability scan. The amount of time the vulnerability scan took to complete was rather quick and without surprises.
  • Per the reviews team, “One of the things that we’ve always liked about the product is that it is a very nice mix of vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Today, although it still maintains that profile, it has broadened and deepened its coverage related to the types of environments it can cover. For all of that, this is a pretty bare-bones hardcore workhorse, and we always have liked it for that. This is a clear case of picking what you do and doing it very well.”

Read SC Magazine’s review and group test in its entirety.


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