Big Sky is the most advanced version of SAINT ever released!  We were able to take a big step forward in cybersecurity technology, as a result of listening to you, our customer!  Significant improvements in ease of use and overall efficiencies were made from your feedback.

Here are some highlights of the updates:

Export to Third-party Ticketing Systems
• Allows SAINT results to be sent to external ticketing systems via email
• Customizable, to work with any ticketing system that supports email-based ticket creation

Improved Analytics and Reporting of Cloud Assets
• Track targets by instance ID in trend reports
• Sort and filter scan results by instance name, region, and VPC
• New report type highlighting results by region and VPC
• Support for both AWS and Azure

Improved mySAINT portal

• Impact metrics now include Common Vulnerability Scoring System versions 2 and 3
• Sort and filter scan results by CVSSv2 or CVSSv3 score

jQuery 3.0
• The SAINT GUI has been updated to use jQuery 3.0 for improved user experience and security

Support for Asset Tags in Ticket Rules
• Create asset tag filters in ticket rules
• Allows ticket creation/assignment based on asset tags syslog export improvements
• Include job ID, scan ID, CVSS score, and PCI compliance status when exporting scan results to syslog


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