SAINT Chamonix Release

The official release date for the latest major version of Security Suite and SAINT Cloud is June 4. Read below for the details on this release.
What’s in this Release

Job-Scan Tree View
• View jobs and scans together – no switching between tabs
• Simple and intuitive – expand a job to view its scans

New Dashboard Panels
• Asset Tag Counts
• Vulnerabilities by cloud region and VPC

ASV Scan Aggregation
• Aggregate multiple failing scans into a passing Attestation of Scan Compliance as permitted by the ASV Program Guide

Other New Features
• Export Vulnerability Database to CSV or XML file
• UAE NESA report template
• Upgraded jqGrid module for improved user experience
• New rule sets allowing customization of PCI pass/fail status and CVSS scores
• New column in Analytics grids allowing filtering based on whether or not an exploit is available

New Product Offerings Coming….
• Cloud service designed for simplified external scanning and reporting
• ASV Attestations available

macOS End-of-life Reminder

The native macOS version of SAINT will be unsupported after June 28, 2019. macOS users should migrate to the VirtualBox version.


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