We are proud to announce the release of the newest version of our industry-leading security suite: SAINT Security Suite 9.7. The updates in this version are based on both our customers’ input and an exhaustive study of current cybersecurity industry needs.

The result is a security suite our customers can trust to make them secure. This is just one way in which we become a trusted partner to our customers. And we apply this commitment to everything we do.

SAINT 9.7 includes the following updates and additional features:

Enhanced Agent-Based Scanning

  • New Linux and macOS agents
  • Agent groups for improved agent management
  • Additional fields in agent naming rules

Container Security

  • Enumerate Docker and LXC containers running on Linux
  • Run local checks inside running containers
  • Scan images from container registry or local stores

Passive Host Discovery

  • Find IP addresses of potential targets as they connect to the network, without discovery scans
  • Easily set up recurring scans of newly discovered hosts

Other New Features

  • Amazon Linux package checks
  • PCI internal scan policy and report template
  • Creation of SAINT asset tags from AWS EC2 tags
  • Support for Script Check Engine (SCE) in OVAL templates

Latest Vulnerability Checks and Exploits

Your SAINTexpress® software automatically keeps you up-to-date with the latest vulnerability checks and exploits. Log in to mySAINT to learn more.


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