The official release date for the latest major version of SAINT Security Suite and SAINTcloud® is May 5, 2020.

What’s in This Release:

  • Option to use ephemeral key for encryption of per-job credentials
  • Automatic assignment of agent permissions based on agent group
  • Bulk assignment of asset tags
  • Import EC2 instances without public IP addresses if in same VPC as scanner
  • Option to delete raw data from nodes when scan finishes or stops
  • Ability to use OpenLDAP for user authentication
  • Ability to encrypt database credentials in manager configuration files
  • Automatic updating of agent password on agents when it is changed on the manager
  • Ability to change agent group from the agent naming rules grid
  • Separate 32-bit and 64-bit Linux agent installers
  • Preview grid for asset tags, to show which assets match the tag
  • Ability to edit the download URL on OVAL grid
  • Improved asset tag filter
  • Automatic creation of asset tags from cloud instance metadata
  • Updated Splunk connector for compatibility with the current version of Splunk plugin
  • Export port scan data to Splunk
  • API calls for managing assets, agents, and nodes
  • Improvements to the Check Login button when entering Windows credentials

Latest Vulnerability Checks and Exploits

Your SAINTexpress® software automatically keeps you up-to-date with the latest vulnerability checks and exploits. Log in to mySAINT to view the complete list of the newest vulnerability checks and exploits.

For more information, please contact the Carson & SAINT sales team at 1-800-596-2006 or


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