SAINT Electra Release: New Year, new SAINT, new Look!

SAINT 10.0 has arrived, along with a new User Interface and new features for you to keep your organization secure. We are here to give you the grand tour. Here, you will be able to see the release notes and gain access to a full guided demonstration video for a first look at the tool (below).

What’s in this release

Redesigned Graphical User Interface

  • Modernized web interface
  • Cleaner dashboard and grid styles
  • Condensed menu bar to maximize content space

Improved Severity Ratings

  • Use of standard CVSS ratings by default in analytics and dashboards
  • New CVSSv2 and CVSSv3 report types
  • Support for CVSSv3 in tickets, ticket rules and ticket export

Improved Dashboards

  • New panels showing results by CVSS score, PCI compliance, and asset tags
  • Built-in trend analysis dashboard
  • More drill-down capability in dashboard charts
  • All analytics grids available as dashboard panels
  • All analytics columns available in all dashboard grids

Architecture Upgrades

  • jQuery-UI 1.13.2
  • Nmap 7.93


  • Support for ASV Program Guide 4.0
  • GDPR support
    • See SAINT and GDPR in the mySAINT portal

Other New Features

  • Configurable text messages for two-step verification
  • New API calls to view vulnerability identifiers
  • Header bar alert for low disk space
  • Exploit exclusions
  • AWS metered license usage shown in footer
  • Custom database port

To view our full guided video demonstration, fill out our form below. Hosted by CTO Sam Kline, we will walk through everything new about SAINT Version 10.0.

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