With new ways to protect your network and predict your exploits, we want you to get ahead of it all.

SAINT Fortuna has arrived, along with new features for you to keep your organization secure. Here, you will be able to see the release notes.

What’s in this release

Exploit Prediction Scoring System

  • Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS) scores from first.org now available in analytics and reports
  • Sort or filter vulnerabilities by probability of being exploited

New PCI ASV Workflow Features

  • Automatic approval of attestation requests when possible
  • View and copy previous occurrences of current dispute

Easier Customer Management

  • Filter all grids by customer from a simple drop-down menu
  • New objects are automatically visible to selected customer

Feature Sets

  • Simplifies customer experience by hiding unused features
  • Configure which product features are available to each user
  • Includes pre-defined feature sets for common features, ASV customers, and reporting only

Architecture Upgrades

  •  jqGrid 5.8.2
  • Nmap 7.94

Other New Features

  • Node filter for load balancing
  • Option to set maximum nodes for load balancing
  • Option to reduce facts to improve processing performance
  • Bulk asset tag assignment to future assets
  • Added new links to OVAL content
  • Added references to Packetstorm exploits
  • Hide menu options that lead to empty pages
  • Option to send scan notifications to job owner instead of a fixed e-mail address
  • Allow scans to be stopped from more states
  • CVSS for PCI column option in analytics grids
  • Drill-down capability for all data points in dashboard
  • Added action buttons on Vulnerabilities by CVSS grid

To view our full guided video demonstration, click here. Hosted by CTO Sam Kline, we will walk through everything new about SAINT Fortuna Release.

Latest Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Your SAINTexpress® software automatically keeps you up-to-date with the latest vulnerability checks and exploits. Log in to mySAINT to view the complete list of the newest vulnerability checks and exploits.

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