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Version 9.1 Released for SAINT Security Suite and SAINTCloud

Today, SAINT released its latest version of Security Suite and SAINTCloud. In this release, we've introduced several new features and capabilities focused on scan workflows, analytics and management of larger-scale deployments. Here are a few highlights: Scan...

What to Know About the KRACK Vulnerability

We recently released an update so customers can quickly identify the KRACK WPA2 vulnerability on Windows operating systems, and we will soon release updates for those using Android and Linux. In recent days, much has been said about the potential weaknesses hackers...

SAINT Corporation Releases new features in 8.14

December 21, 2016 - SAINT Corporation announced today, new capabilities will be released on Dec 23rd to enhance capabilities in both SAINT Security Suite and SAINTCloud. Areas of emphasis in this release expand capabilities in user authentication for all customer...



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