Due to the highly networked nature of the devices, security needs to be incorporated within the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). Recommendations for security with IoT revolve around training employees, keeping unauthorized users from gaining access, and limiting the amount of collected consumer data and retained information.

Security Is In The Background

While some people are excited for the interconnectedness, others are concerned about privacy and security. Policy makers should stay focused on evolving the use of this internet-connected technology, because of technical, logical, and ethical challenges. There is already a tremendous amount of tracking and data gathering online, and it will only increase once all our appliances begin collecting data. With Internet connected devices anything from cars, computers, cameras, and even tractors are now susceptible to hacks.

“By 2025, we will have long ago given up our privacy…the Internet of things will demand and we will give willingly – our souls.”  

Increased data from connected things is already causing privacy concerns to come and will encourage the growth of profiling and targeting people. A simple Google of “Internet of things privacy concerns” returns over 15 million results. The more we do and share online, the more vulnerable we may be to targeted attacks.

While it may be convenient to lock or unlock your house via the Internet, it may not be so convenient if a burglar can do the same. Hackers have already remotely hacked into webcams, baby monitors and garage doors.

Baby Monitor Hack

As home automation becomes increasingly popular, there are more and more ways to hack your house. With an insecure wireless connection, a hacker can easily take control of your devices. Some of the simplest ways to “stay safe” is secure passwords for your Internet connection, patched and current software, and attentive browsing habits such as avoiding opening emails from unknown senders. However, with the increase in the Internet of Things, hackers may be able to take over more than a baby monitor. They may be able to take over your front door or electrical system and demand a ransom before returning it.

Carson Inc. and Cyber Security

Our motto is finding what matters and controlling what counts. Don’t sacrifice your security for convenience. Carson Inc. has been helping its customers fight the battle against cyber threats for more than 22 years. Our team consists of Information Assurance (IA) experts with advanced degrees and technical certifications, including CISSP, CISA, LPT, GWASP, and ISO 27001. Our staff has in-depth knowledge of IT security statutory and regulatory guidance.

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