Last time, we discussed Cyber Security Month and recapped CISA and NCA’s theme of “See Yourself in Cyber”. Presented with 4 action steps to take home with you to keep you and your loved ones secure, we wanted to walk through each one. This time, we will talk about Step 1: “Think Before You Click: Recognize and Report Phishing”.

“Think Before You Click” sounds easy. It’s almost the same tone as “look both ways before you cross the street.” In this case, as long as you can stop before jumping into the link that was sent to you, you have already done most of the work.

The hard part is deciphering whether it is fake and not falling into the trap. Double check the sender’s email address and/or URL of the link to ensure it does not look suspicious.

Usually, bad actors will try to make the message look like something you’ve seen before so that you click on it and provide sensitive information. It will typically ask to change or provide a password, in which case the threat will take that info and use it on legitimate sites.

All you have to do is not click on the link, and then report it so no one else can fall victim.

For business executives, this is crucial to educate your teams so that the organization is not in danger. For families at home, it can be as simple as educating your children or relatives.

Phishing is a threat to everyone, so following these guidelines can make you impenetrable to these types of threats. Carson & SAINT strives for a culture of security, both in itself and those we partner with to ensure the safety of our peers and their organizations. 

If you’re looking for a more direct route to securing your organization, we offer cybersecurity solutions that fit to your needs so you can prioritize your assets and protect them. Find your solution here.

Want to go back and look at our overview of the Cyber Security Month series? Read here.

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