For #3 of our 5-part blog series recapping CISA and NCA’s theme of “See Yourself in Cyber”, we will be tackling “Update Your Software”.  Similar to our last blog entry “Think Before You Click”, this one sounds simple. However, also similar to last post, it is deeper than just clicking a button.

Updating your software means closing a door on an intruder. These intruders will exploit flaws in your system, and although the network defense is going as fast as they can to fix these exploits, it still depends on each user to update it to go into effect.

Make these updates to all of your devices, like desktops, tablets, and mobile. Not only that, but applications within these devices need updating as well, especially web browsers.

One trick that makes this very easy and less time consuming is enabling automatic updates to your apps and devices. This allows everything to patch itself so it does not have to wait for the user to update it.

As long as you are up to date, you are doing your part to stay secure.

If you’re looking for a more direct route to securing your organization, we offer cybersecurity solutions that fit to your needs so you can prioritize your assets and protect them. Find your solution here.

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